Price List

Cycle Service

Bronze £25
Silver £50
Gold £85

Frame Change £90
Box Build £45


Brake Service (non disk) £12
Brake service (disk) £25 per disk
Brake Bleeding £20 per brake
Fit New disks £20
Fit new pads From £5
Cabling From £6

Derailleur service

Gear Service £25
Replace rear £20
Replace front £15
Cabling From £6


Hub service from £15
Wheel Truing from £15
New Tyre fit from £10
New inner tube from £10
Fit new wheel (front) from £10
Fit new wheel (rear) from £15 (including set to work)


Bottom Bracket Service £25
Replace Bottom Bracket from £15
Replace Chain £10
Cassette Change £10
Miscellaneous items from £10

Please Note
All prices serve only as a guideline and can vary depending on the age, condition and type of bike.

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